You can request to book a vehicle for specific hours or for a route that includes multiple stops. Give us as much information as you can about the route you want to do and we will get in touch with you to make it happen!

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Payment Methods

Cash To Driver: You can cash in your driver while you are in transit.
POS To Driver: You can pay the driver by POS
Bank Deposit: Υou can pay our company by bank transfer i-ban: GR8001104080000040800225605 - BG39INTF40015098741772 - LT813250012456389023

Cancellation - Trip Modifications

Cancellation - Trip Modifications requests are possible only through an e-mail.

Terms of use

Our company is not responsible for receivables that exceed the amount paid by the customer. The customer is entitled to compensation corresponding to the amount already paid. No other claims can be claimed.

Our drivers reserve the right to refuse boarding passengers who are under the influence of alcohol, transporting illegal objects - substances or behaving inappropriately. In such cases no money will be refunded and in case of damage there will be a lawsuit and a claim for compensation.

In case an additional vehicle is needed (ie for excessive or oversized luggage, extra passengers, etc.) additional charges apply for the additional / different vehicle.

We check all shipping arrivals for possible delays, so we will wait until you arrive. In the unlikely event that the driver and customer can not meet in the predefined area, we will try to locate the customer by phone. However, it is the customer's responsibility to provide a valid and valid mobile phone number (including the international code) during the booking process. In case of omission, the customer assumes the responsibility to contact our company to inform about any delays or problems locating the driver.

No refunds:

a) if the customer does not provide a valid phone number and does not contact our company phone as a result to lose his transfer
b) if the customer does not provide correct travel information (flight number, time, etc.) as a result to lose his transfer
c) in case the waiting exceeds 1 hour without a reason